My friend asked me lớn propose khổng lồ her. Why did she ask me that? Frequently asked in. She"s my classmate n one of my good friend too.We almost spend together ...

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Why did she ask me "wht don"t you talk khổng lồ me"? Frequently asked in. We"re pretty close & we"ve known each other for a while, but I went two days without ...Today, a friend of the girl I lượt thích asked me if I still liked her and I said "sure". Why did she ask me? Frequently asked in. UpdateCancel. 3 Answers.May 28, 2015 ... Why did she ask me out? This girl she is one of the most attractive girls at my school. She has a history of making random threats khổng lồ everyone ...

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Why did she asked me? No, its my pricey lunch bag old duffer! Maybe I should wear it with the pockets facing towards me. The only thing I wish it had is a big ...

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