Groundup Features: Penpals In The Community


The long search is over và you’ve managed to find a pen pal, but… What should you actually put in a letter or postcard to a pen pal? How vị you even start it? If it’s your first liên hệ with this still faceless person, you might also be asking how to lớn go about introducing yourself.

These are questions every pen pal has asked themselves at the beginning of their idstore.vnling career – including yours truly! và now I’m going to tóm tắt some of my tips, tricks, và ideas with you to lớn help get you started. Read on lớn find out how to write a pen pal letter, postcard or email.

How lớn write a pen pal letter

I’ll go through all the different scenarios you could find yourself in, where you might find yourselves staring at the blank page before you. (Remember to open up the dirty window. Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find.) và let me know in the comments if I’ve missed off what you’re looking for!

Did you ever wonder what a pen pal is exactly & what the real meaning is around it? Find out here!

How khổng lồ write a letter lớn your pen pal introducing yourself

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Thinking about what to lớn write to lớn a pen pal for the first ever time is actually easier than you think. You’re introducing yourself, và who knows YOU better than yourself?

Tips to lớn help you introduce yourself

Think of it lượt thích a normal in-person conversation và focus on these main points:

Your name: Every introduction starts off with what you’re called. If you have an unusual name, or you’re writing khổng lồ someone in a different country/culture, you could consider adding what your name means.

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Where you’re from/where you’re based: A good starting bit of info is simply where you come from, or where you live now. Give your reader somewhere lớn imagine you actually writing your first letter or postcard lớn them. Try adding a short mô tả tìm kiếm of your surroundings, e.g. The room or space you’re in, or the type of place, be it your home, a school or a park. Finish up with a question or request. One that always works well… “tell me something about you!”

Examples lớn help your write to your first pen pal

Example for an introduction to lớn a pen pal abroad:

Hi Jane, I’m Maud from England. I had to lớn write to you when I noticed you’re also based in Germany! As I write this, I’m sitting in Gleisdreieck park in Berlin (maybe you know it…?) just watching the trains go by. So we’re both internationals in Germany… what else do we have in common? I love reading, traveling và eating.